AT MOP, the only constant is change. Rapidly adapting to change is vital to providing additional opportunities while adding value to our customer’s marketing efforts. We recently added unique and innovative cross-media services to complement our Print and Mail Solutions.

Cross-Media Marketing connects one marketing channel to another simultaneously to reach a customer and increase effectiveness of marketing campaign.  For example, a prospect is marketed to using one channel, i.e.  direct mail, email, mass media, and is given the option to respond using another channel (internet/landing page/social media). This solutions is innovative, user friendly and provides unprecedented marketing campaign results tracking and ROI measurement of your company’s makerting efforts.


Personalized URLs (PURL) :

By including a PURL in a direct mail campaign you involve the prospect and promote traffic to a personalized landing page. This landing page can include relevant content about the visitor which encourages the call to action response desired. If additional information about the prospect/client is desired, a custom questionnaire can be developed and included as part of the campaing. This will capture valuable information about the visitor which is very difficult to acquire without this solution.


QR Codes:

A QR code is a barcode that when scanned-usually with a mobile device provides instant information such as contact information or an URL, among many other uses. It can also link to a website, URL or PURL’s.  Including QR codes in printed material and direct mail campaigns, conveniently and quickly generate traffic to a desired location in the Internet.


ROI Metrics:

Return on investment analysis at your fingertips, 24/7 provides real-time marketing campaigns results. Response data is displayed via an online reporting dashboard, which provides measurability and a quantifiable ROI.

This easy to implement WEB solution provide the following benefits:

  • ROI Calculator (24 / 7 availability)
  • Gain intelligence about customers / prospects
  • Resources and Marketing Manager respond based on data
  • Better management visibility
  • Automatic data gathering and reporting
  • Social Media Integration